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The Prato Carbon Neutral project has a duration of 8 years (2022-2030), the period of time that casts us directly to the goal of achieving the climate neutrality objective that the Municipality of Prato will undertake to realize.

The application stage

  • November 2021: opening of the call for expressions of interest of 100 cities for climate neutrality
  • January 2022: call for expressions of interest is closed
  • April 2022: announcement to the cities selected for the mission 
  • June 2022: cities onboarding

Co-design path

  • October - December 2022: working tables with stakeholders and citizens
  • January – December 2023: awareness events

Call for city pilots

  • September 2022: opening of the call for pilots
  • November 2022: closure of the Open Call for pilots
  • January 2023: approved project results

Implementation of the Action Plan for climate neutrality

  • February 2024: action plan for climate neutrality in the city of Prato

Signing of the Climate Contract City with the European Commission

  • March 2024: signing of the contract


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