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What is the path about?

Co-design, or participatory design, is an approach that involves one or more groups of stakeholders in the phase of generating ideas and designing a concept, a co-vision, with the aim of identifying needs, barriers, problems , opportunities and solutions by defining together the guidelines of a project.

The activities are organized with the aim of creating a dialogue between all the participants of the meetings who will become co-authors of the project through the co-design process. Thanks to this operating method, local actors with different skills and operating levels are gathered around the same table to express their ideas. The latter will be translated into a common objective that is defining some of the criteria that will affect the future developments of the project.
Specifically, the following operational tools have been identified to involve all local stakeholders.

Working tables and workshops

Setting up co-design working tables is necessary to identify the problems and possible concrete actions aimed at climate neutrality on a local scale.

The tables will be a place for open discussion for stakeholders divided according to their category and macro-theme of reference (energy efficiency; circular economy; sustainable mobility; agriculture, land use and urban forestry). The working groups will define priorities and issues to be brought to the attention of the municipal administration.

Survey (italian language)

By structuring and sharing a questionnaire, which makes use of an open access platform, citizens are directly invited to make proposals regarding energy and environmental sustainability to accelerate the reduction of climate-changing emissions.

The aim, therefore, will be to extrapolate data useful for developing strategies and guidelines for acting directly with the city and for the city.

Open Lab (under development)

An advanced stage of the co-design process involves the activation of an "open laboratory of ideas" within the public and private spaces of the city.
In the Open Labs, the active participation of citizens will be able to produce interesting ideas and insights regarding the challenges for achieving climate neutrality.

Through lucid-recreational activities, conferences and methodological pills, we want to involve citizens, schools and businesses, and in general all the key players in achieving the objectives of the 100 Cities Mission!

Act now, participate in Open Labs (under development)

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